Get a Naturally Youthful Face with Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a procedure that restores the lost volume of the face and reduces the blemishes and marks on your face. This technique is also called fat transfer by many. As the name suggests, the fat is taken from any other part of the body and injected into the particular facial areas. A sunken face due to aging, acne scars, and injury marks can be corrected with this one procedure. Causes of a Facial Volume Loss Collagen fiber production becomes less with the increasing age, and not only that, but the existing collagen fibers also break down. Because of that, the face looks hollow, and wrinkles develop all over the face. Especially this appears around the cheek from the tip of the nose to down to the chin. Deep pitted marks created by acne also make your face look less youthful. A few of them or all of them are responsible for the sunken face or deflated and aged look in women as well as men. When You Should Consider having Fat Grafting With aging, the facial muscles get loose and fine lines and wrinkles appear. In a few cases, a few parts of the face looked extremely creased and sunken. It makes you look even older than you are. In that case, you can use dermal fillers, but if you are looking for a permanent solution, then fat grafting to the face is an excellent option for you. It is capable of fulfilling your desire to look younger. Other than that, scars and blemishes on your face can also be removed by this surgery. If you are dealing with any of these conditions, you may take the help of Fat grafting. Diagnosis before Fat grafting