Now The Right Time For Breast Augmentation - 3 Reasons Why

If you've ever wished for fuller, more symmetrical, or larger breasts, you'll probably be interested in hearing about someone's breast augmentation experience. This anecdote is frequently a third- or fourth-hand account of someone's friend or her sister's roommate who had a "boob job" that went so wrong somewhere along the way. We know this situation occurs frequently because we've thoroughly discredited myths and corrected the record on breast augmentation for years in our Mumbai, India practise during many, many consultations with patients. This post is for you if you've ever cringed while reading a breast augmentation horror story and then decided not to get a consultation. We'll explain why having a breast augmentation is now safer, easier, and produces better results than ever before. BREAST AUGMENTATION OF TODAY PROVIDES MORE OPTIONS FOR THE PERFECT FEELING. If you've ever heard a horror story about breast implants feeling hard or unnatural on a friend of a friend, consider other options before deciding on breast augmentation in Mumbai. Many of our patients are concerned about getting the right vibe for intimacy or a particular way of life. Modern breast augmentation surgery dates back to the early 1960s and is closely associated with the evolution of breast implant materials and surgical methods. Much thought has gone into making cosmetic procedures such as implants feel like natural breasts throughout this evolution. The first silicone breast implants were developed in 1961. Silicone implants are now classified as seventh or eighth generation. One of the most popular silicone breast implant options on the market, the "gummy bear" breast implant, is the result of decades of research and development to achieve the right feel. Gummy bear implants have an outer shell that wraps around the filler material to keep them soft while maintaining their shape. Saline implants became a popular alternative to silicone implants in the 1990s. Baffling is an advanced construction technique used in saline implants that uses tiny internal channels to move fluid around and improve the natural feel of the breasts.