Prove it! Jungkook Smut

You where waiting for your boyfriend, Jungkook, to come home. You haven’t seen him in about a month and you miss him like crazy. You and your best friend are at your house. Namjoon is supposed to come home with Jungkook to get your best friend, Kenya. It’s been 20 minutes you and Kenya are dancing around the living room to EXO’s song Wolf when Jungkook and Rap Mon walk in. They see us and there jaws drop at what they’ve seen. You instantly meet jungkooks eyes and stop and turn it off. 
“What is going on in here ___?” Jungkook says so confused and little upset. 
“Hey babe, oh me and Kenya where ju-”
“Dancing around to Wolf” Rap mon cut you off. 
“Come on babe, lets go!” Kenya quickly says grabbing rap mon and running out the door. “Baby what the hell was that? You never do that to our songs!” Jungkook says upset. “I do baby. Just not in front of you because I get embarrassed about how much I fan girl!” You say getting closer to him. “Don’t be my love! I’d love to see how you are when you fan girl!” Jungkook says looking down at you because let’s face it he’s so much taller then you. “Okay babe. I’ll show you!” You pull him to the couch and put on you fave song by them at the moment try hard. And you start dancing around and singing all the lyrics acting a complete fool. “Oh are you crazy ige jeonguirani you mu be kiddin’ me! You mu be kiddin’ me you you mu be kiddin’ me!” You say with the most enthusiasm because that your favorite part. You hear him giggle and he gets up without you realizing and comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you. You smile and turn yourself around. “You fan girling is the cutest thing ever.” He says. He lifts his hands to your chin and lifts it so you can look him in the eyes. He looks in your eyes then at your lips then back at you eyes. Before he can lean in you lift yourself up on your tip toes and kiss him. He smiles and when you pull away he says “I missed you so much baby girl!” “I missed you more!” You say smiling “No baby I did!” He said tickling you.