15 days ago
Like Snow, Falling Out Of The Sky (22)
Jae took a deep breath. She could see the worry in Nari's face. “Don't worry. SeHun told me everything they used to do. I wasn't all that surprised for some reason. They were younger then and had the world at their feet so I kinda understood why but at the same time… well, you'll know.” “Tell me what it is.” Nari said. She sat up straight and waited. “Years ago, in their younger years they used to ‘play’ as SeHun would say. By that he means they used to take girls to this place or to their hotel rooms and have their way with them. Sometimes it was multiple girls, sometimes just one. They had a craving, to say the least, to have a release from their frustrations from working so hard, to cut loose. I mean you've seen how hard the company can be with them. What surprised me was that the company knew and let it happen. I guess that's where the managers came in, they covered it up. It got so serious that Suho got his parents to rent a place out of the way, they didn't know what was going on but they used that place.” Nari looked shocked, “I'm afraid to ask, what did they do to these girls?” “What do you think?” Jae gave her a look, “they had sex with them, Nari. Sometimes all at once, sometimes they would take turns. Sometimes the girl liked it and would come back for more. Others couldn't handle it and would run away. Most of the time it was sex that involved bondage, whips… oh my god, the things Kyungsoo would do…” Jae shook her head, “Dang, you would never think that of him. Even SeHun said it bothered him sometimes but he was too curious and watched.”

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