Great Uses for Your New Power Washer

Not surprisingly, cleaning the exterior of your home is the number one use for a pressure washer. It's thorough, efficient, and cost-effective – which explains why homeowners want the best power washing Washington Township has to offer. Airborne algae lands on roofs and all other parts of a home's exterior, especially the north side that is never in direct sun. Algae feed on organic material, leaving behind an unsightly green-brown residue. Algae needs to be cleaned away before it embeds in the siding and causes permanent stains. Left untreated, it can migrate under the siding and cause damage. Concrete driveways and walkways benefit significantly from power washing. Their surfaces are porous and easy spots for dirt, grime, and contaminants to build up. When they do, you'll see tough-to-remove stains that are quite unattractive. High-pressure washing can work miracles in removing the stains and restoring the concrete to a like-new appearance. Once complete, the surfaces can be sealed to extend the life of your concrete. The sealer stops moisture absorption during winter when freezing water can expand and cause damage. The penetrating sealer prevents excess moisture throughout the year. Clean your roof with the soft washing mode of your power washer. Roof cleaning solutions require the soft mode of your pressure washer to safely and cleanly rinse them away. Also, remember never to use high-pressure on your roof because it can harm delicate shingles. The soft wash combined with special cleaning solutions to rinse away dirt along, algae, and other contaminants. You don't want algae on your roof because it can eat away at limestone filler and deteriorate the shingles. Roof cleaning helps to remove algae, moss, and lichens. It keeps your roof clean so that it lasts for its expected lifetime. When it's time to repainting or stain your deck, power washing it first is an excellent idea. Pressure washing blasts away dirt, grime, algae, and other contaminants. Once your deck is clean, replace any deteriorated boards, allow it to fully dry, and apply your paint or stain. If you have pressure treated lumber that can be left unfinished, routine washing is an excellent way to keep it looking like new. The added benefit of a clean deck is safety. Algae and other contaminants are often slippery when wet. Once cleaned, the surface will be much better to walk on and is helpful to the safety of all.