How Did Kpop Change You? (Fun Version)

Yet again Thank you @KpopandKimchi for the idea to share. A Link to her card right HERE 1. Bread For the last 6 years I've been living healtier, changing my diet wasn't just a new years resolution but a new lifestyle that I'm proud to have done. The lifestyle consisted of giving up, Soda, eating after 8pm(actually acquire 2 years ago), and white bread. You never know what you've got until its gone. It was a struggle at first to cut white bread out of my diet especially when certain venues don't have an alternative yet. I managed to survive the first 3 years and saw plenty of wonderful results. Then I got into Kpop and KDramas and Variey shows and they seemed to glorify bread 빵. I didn't get the hype I just found them weird. The last year or so I guess the subliminal messages started working and I remembered how sweet and soft the "delicacy". smh I've indulged quite a lot in the last few months but I think I'm over it again. Hopefully.
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