Updated quiver review

From top to bottom: 2014 Switchblade 38 w/atlas trucks and venom balls w/reds. Longest slider out of my decks; can hit some HUGE standies, and feel even more comfortable bombing bigger hills. The concave of the board is perfect; holds you in without cramping your feet or feeling like you're in a hammock. I usually topmount it though for dinner extra control. Atlases are sweet to give it the turn I want, and the eliminators keep it super steady downhill with even amateur ankle strength. This board got ran over by a car and the only thing that happened was a structurally sound fracture on one of the noses. 2014 Omen sugar kick w/ Paris trucks and 86a mini ozones clourides w/zealous bearings and stock divine barrel bushings. Thing is a Freeride/freestyle beast due to its fat double kicks. It pops extremely well if you know how, and although some reviews say it's too heavy for freestyle, they're probably only talking advanced freestyle as its huge kicktails really get it off the ground. The adjustable wheelbase is AWESOME. I usually ride on its smallest (22.5), but it slides farther (although less controlled) on its max. Downhilling isn't sketchy on the shorter wheelbase, and I run loose loose trucks. The wheel flares and radial concave make tech slides super easy, and normal slides super easy to push. The bottom is fiberglassed and super durable. 2014.5 Never Summer Hooligan w/gullwing trucks and sector 9 top-shelf wheels. I used to ride it with the atlases, and it was awesome then! However, these gullwing trucks are pretty simple and easy to use, and the wheels are SUPER thaney 0.o Abec 7 bearings when the top shelfs are on, reds when the venom balls are on. This board is the perfect combination of Freeride/freestyle/downhill. Its tails have ptex (special plastic) in the wood, and make for almost indestructible tails, with the bi-axial fiberglass on the bottom preserving the graphic like a mother and child. The kicktails are super usable, but the board is kinda heavy because of the maple/fiberglass. Slides like a beast, with the combination of the pretty noticeable W concave, and drops giving it a super controlled feel. On this board I actually prefer Cadillac swingers in 78a for sliding. Wear gloves a lot; don't get an impinged nerve from falling like me xD Any questions, feel free to pm or comment :) good luck skating!

Reasons to give Bustin a chance?

I've been biased against bustin for a long while now, and as I look around there are more and more bustin boards being shown off. To me it just seems that bustin has been bringing up the tail end of longboarding pretty much...forever. Their designs seem to be (for the most part) nothing new, and when they do release a new board it's just a remold of some other company's board. Their wheels seem okay at best, but again, I'd rather spend money on hawgs or cloud rides. Is it build quality? Two of my friends have boards with TONS of chips in them so I suppose not. Is it the "design your own graphic"? What makes them something that makes you want to spend money?