MINO X TAEHYUN song review

Um....At the beginning I felt rather disappointed because it was not a hype song. This IS the 1st song from Exit Movement and I expected something that will attract non-fans' attention. I love when Mino goes full on rap, and I was excited to listen to my boy Nam and his high pitched voice. This song does not have that. HOWEVER! As I listened Mino's singing (Yes! singing) alongside his soft raps, combined with Taehyun's sweet voice I was hooked. This is not a party song, rather it's a dark song that makes us think about the other side of a breakup. Mostly breakup songs have that longing to them (you know, the I'm so sad she/he left me and I want them back). But this song, this song, wow.... even though we love them we can't take any more emotional pain so we want them to leave. Just leave. It's like emotional exhaustion. Which is probably why the song has soft raps and a soft melody rather than full on out voice potential from both singers. The relationship is exhausted and that song is trying portray that. Overall I have fallen in love with this song. It may seem like a depressing song because the imagery is so dark, but I think it is a rather healthy song. When someone is able to recognize that they have reach their limit and that they would rather have the person they love leave them, then this means the person hurt can finally start to live again.