27 Best Upper Body Exercises for Strength and Mass

“Fitness a recurring word in almost every commercial” strangely it is also the most abused word, these days. The so-called perceptions have taken over its true meaning. The dangerous rapid growth of fitness fads have over-time blurred the real issue of health and the very purpose of fitness is dissipating slowly but definitely. No, “fitness mania is not madness mania” restricted to fashionistas, high profile celebrities whose exploits occupy most of the space in news papers and glossy magazines. The only difference being our lack of commitment of health. Our body mainly divided into two major parts those are upper body and lower body. So, it is important to include these best upper body exercises for strength and mass. However, following exercises are also consider as one of the best upper body exercises for both men and women. Best Upper Body Exercises for Strength and Mass. Here we have list out some selected best upper body exercises with different body parts, those will assist you to achieve an attractive look and a healthy body. Best Upper Body Exercises for Strength. Shoulder. This is the most neglected body part. Good collar bones and well-shaped shoulders enhance your good figure. And exercising them gives functional support to your posture. Shoulders also make your waist look smaller if they are toned.
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