The Most Fierce Aircrafts in the World
There's nothing like getting annihilated by a hellfire missile travelling at 1000 miles per hour! Meet the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), one of the world's most stealth and deadly machines to ever fly. Stealth and unmanned, these military aircraft are capable of wiping out just about anyone or anything in its path. Controlled by operators from hundreds of miles away, UAVs offer a safe, swift, and easy alternative to dangerous tasks. UAVs such as the Global Hawk, Predator, Reaper etc. are often used in middle eastern countries to do the dirty work, or just be used for surveillance purposes. Big brother could use some of these! Behold, the SR-71 Blackbird, the fastest plane to ever take flight! These speed demons actually reached altitudes up to 80,000 ft, requiring the pilots to don astronaut suits to stay conscious/alive. These planes have actually reached speeds up to mach 3.4, or 3,000 feet per second! No, these wicked planes don't utilize missiles, but they are capable of retrieving knowledge via camera surveillance. Also, not one of these planes has ever been shot down by enemy soldiers. All of the planes that DID crash actually crashed on account of mechanical failure. Retiring in 1990, this spy-plane remains legendary to many aviation enthusiasts. The thought of being shot at by one of these just sends chills down the spine... This, is the US Army Apache Helicopter, armed with 30mm cannon bullets and missiles! What's that!? You want to see one of these in action? Why, sure. Turn the page and watch that video, it really is nothing to laugh at, but truly demonstrates the extreme power behind the cannon shells as they shred members of the Taliban, a mid eastern terrorist group. That video was filmed by a infared camera, mounted on the helicopter. Enjoy! You knew this jet would show up! This is the F15, a US Air Force fighter jet, capable of penetrating enemy lines and taking out the bad guys. This plane is still, to this day, the most agile and dangerous of all manned aircraft, outgunning any opponent. These jets also have the ability to out-maneuver enemy aircraft as well. And finally, the satellite! Travelling over 10,000 miles per hour (much faster than any bullet), these fragile spacecraft can very easily photograph your license plate number; just look at Google Earth. Not only do these spacecraft photograph for mapping, but can be used for spying purposes as well. I have personally seen spy satellites fly over my house, which often fly as a pair, one in front of the other. These satellites may photograph enemy activity, or maybe even you. Anyway, that's it for fierce aircraft, don't forget to leave a comment! Peace!

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