Super Junior Updates

I realized that we don't post enough stuff in regards to updates about Super Junior members. So, let's catch up a little bit :) *The FB page "Leeteuk is the Best Leader of the Best Group~Super Junior" has great updates and all credit goes to them! Make sure to check them out!! Kyuhyun was recently diagnosed with benign vocal nodules and will be taking a break in order to heal well. He has stopped filming for Radio Star as well as stopped his final three performance for his musical, "Mozart". We hope you get better soon Kyuhyun!! Fighting!! :) Exo-L's have recently brought up an issue during Starshow 360's live filming in which there was a heavy delay as well as staff members mistreating them during so. They have brought up Leeteuk as one of the issues for the delay and Leeteuk recently posted an apology in regards to this, though every one agrees it was no fault of his. We're currently waiting for a response from the broadcasting station. I hope everything turns out all right... (/.\)
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