5 MORE Ways to Wear Denim on Denim

Denim on denim, the combo that just keeps on giving. After writing this card the other day about the myriad ways to work the style, I realized that five is not enough, and everyone should be educated on the ways to make the look work for them. Here are five more winning ways to wear denim on denim this fall. 1. Denim jacket over a (short) denim dress. This works best when keeping the overall look simple, as Jaime King did above. Try with an understated denim shirtdress and a jacket over, with minimal accessories added to the look. Oxfords are great to add some polish, or basic leather booties, with black tights if the weather so requires them. 2. Denim button-down + overalls pulled down. Denim overalls worn over a denim button-down shirt might be an option for some (and by all means, go ahead and rock it if you feel so inclined!), but it can also be a bit much. But haven't you seen when people hook their overalls and then pull the straps off their shoulders and fold over the top part? Try this, with a denim button-down as a top. This a fun variation of the simple button down and skinny jeans combo (number 1 on the prior list), but looks a little funkier. 3. Denim blazer and skinny jeans.

Rihanna at the Dior 2016 Show, and Always Making a Case for Baby Pink

Rihanna recently won all fashion week style contests at the Christian Dior Spring 2016 show in Paris last week. This magnificent, show-stopping cape (and vinyl booties) had me thinking about Rihanna's penchant for baby pink, a color many women shy away from in fear of looking "too girly" or delicate. Why does this association have to stay in place, though? If Rihanna, one of the baddest gals around, can wear baby pink and look strong, maybe we can too. Here are my favorites of her style choices in the delicate and difficult color. First, let's take another look at that amazing Dior cape. Rihanna stunned for very clear reasons, rocking the new cape/poncho trend in this oversized number, with high black vinyl boots with clear heels peeking out from underneath. One whole year ago, Rihanna wore another baby pink Dior number to the Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2015 show. This was one of her girlier looks, complete with a high curled ponytail, and yet no one would see her and contest that she is a strong and powerful woman. Can Riri help us break down a fear of letting a color steer our personas? Rihanna visited Good Morning America in this bubblegum pink Pascal Millet Fall 2015 collection jumpsuit, blazer, and boa. This look took the head-to-toe monochrome look to another level, perhaps one only Rihanna can rock, and with faux fur that looked more rocking diva than pretty-princessy. At the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Rihanna performed at this pale baby pink lacey number. This look would have been a bit racy for most occasions, but the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is known for giving celebs an outlet to mix cute and sexy costume elements, so it's no surprise that Rihanna opted for a cheeky look in this baby hue. In June 2014, Rihanna was spotted out and about in this baby pink jersey and with a pink pixie cut, proving she can wear basically anything she wants, in pink nonetheless, and still look badass. All the outfit needed to further flip off a hater was a pair of Chanel slides, and she rocked those like they were the most casual footwear available.

Times the Fashion on Pretty Little Liars Got Out of Control

Pretty Little Liars, the teen drama that just keeps on giving (and by that I mean that it goes on forever without any upcoming cancellation or series ending plans), has some seriously stylized main characters. Whether or not you watch or have ever watched the show, you should be able to recognize that Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna are pretty stylish for chronically stressed-out and anxious (for good reason) teenagers. Sometimes, however, the fashion goes too far and becomes a major, over-stylized faux-pas. Every egregious shrug and belt combo, often worn by Aria. It's possible that when the show started, shrug sweaters weren't quite as passé as they are now. That being said, there are way too many outfits on this show that have an unnecessary tiny shrunken outer layer and/or belt, unfortunately often worn together. Come on, Aria, take off one thing before walking out the door. All the times Aria wore something blindingly shiny for daytime. This blue aluminum foil-like pleated skirt was a little painful on my eyes, especially when paired with other difficult pieces like colorful leopard (her favorite), studs, and thigh-high socks. Why can't she just take a statement piece and tone it down?? Either way, this skirt would land in the "fashion don't" bin every time. When Hanna's denim mini and fishnets choice rivaled Aria's vinyl skirt choice.

Make a Tunic Sexy Like Kendall Jenner Did at Paris Fashion Week

As many of you know, Kendall Jenner is great at making a trend look understated but with just enough sex appeal. On the streets of Paris for the spring 2016 collections, she proved that a tunic can be sexy by letting skin peek through on the side, toning down the look with ladylike cigarette pants and shiny loafers. Want to get this look for yourself? I'll show you how to work this perfectly chic ensemble and make it just a little sexy, too! Start with the tunic. Tunics are awesome for fall. They layer well, look appropriate over leggings and leather pants, and find themselves in an infinite number of outfit possibilities. While you can find a number of awesome tunic options here, there are silky options that show a little skin, with side splits and cut-outs, like Kendall's does here, here, and here. The key is to balance revealed skin on your side with a higher neckline, and keep things covered up on the bottom (underneath the tunic). Next, you need a great pair of cigarette pants. The slim cut and slight crop makes the look, so finding a pair that fit your body well and fit close to the leg is important. Cigarette pants are like the skinny jeans of trousers, so more professional and polished looking, but don't go for a pair that hugs your legs as tight as leggings. There are great pairs here, here, and here, but it's a good style to try on in person (or order and be willing to send back if the fit isn't right), as it's all about what feels right on your body. Loafers: perfect for seasonal transitions.

Mixing Prints and Layering Textures: Dries Van Noten and Rochas

Paris Fashion Week, the cream of the crop of fashion month and the time all fashion insiders and influencers have been waiting for, has begun. The serious collections are walking the runway and it's hard to keep up with all the excitement, beauty, and innovation. Two of my favorite collections so far are from ladylike but quirky labels Dries Van Noten and Rochas. Belgian designer Van Noten has been praised for ages, and Rochas has been thriving in France for even longer, more recently with Alessandro Dell'acqua pulling the reins as creative director. I was blown away by the odd femininity of these two collections, and the unique ways they used texture, print, and layering to create strangely beautiful garments. Old-School Prints, Made New Both labels used traditional prints like brocade and florals that could lean in a mature direction, had they been used in the expected manner. Dries Van Noten mixed prints throughout his collection, combining traditional prints like brocade to make something quirky and bold. On the other hand, Dell'acqua let each print speak for itself rather than mixing them, but he elevated them to a fresh and modern place by layering embellishment over the print and using old-fashion brocades on very new and young silhouettes. Layering Textures Though the collections were for the warmer months of spring and summer, both Dries Van Noten and Rochas revealed collections full of layering. Between actual layering of garments and of the odd combinations of embellishment, their layers ranged from the minute to the large scale. Both designers put heavy brocade over sheer silk, thick ruffles over tiny sequins, and carefully-placed beads to add intricacy to already-interesting pieces.

Milan Fashion Week Recap: Prada Vs. Pucci

What do Prada and Emilio Pucci have in common, besides being iconic fashion giants of Italy? An ability to deliver quirky and clever boldness throughout classic collections that remain in our minds years after their showing? An affinity for carefully-utilized color and print to look smart and not gaudy? Both Massimo Giorgetti for Pucci and Fabio Zambernardi (filling in for Miuccia Prada this season following her Aunt's passing, but absolutely channeling the Miuccia aesthetic) turned out Spring 2016 collections that looked retro and also totally new and cool. Smart Stripes Both designers used sophisticated stripes in their collections with a very different effect from the bright and bold stripes of other collections. Despite Prada's funky and retro stripes, their use in smart suits that any woman would want to wear made them appear much more understated and cleverly placed. Similarly, Pucci stuck with simple black, white, and navy stripes in diagonals, crossing over the body to divide up a garment, with a classic effect. Retro Ecclecticism Both lines layered dresses over tops and used embellishments to help guide the funky and retro layering into something luxe. Sequins, beads, and paillettes all made appearances in the two collections, used sparingly to blend old-school quirky lines with the designer luxury feel we expect from Prada and Pucci. What They Did Differently