I Know there's already cards talking about Amber's new MV "BORDERS", but I wanna talk about it from my point of view. I think its safe to say this song is a DAMN TEARJERKER!!! I just finished watching it and I can't stop the damn tears. This song hits so close to home. The music is great but the lyrics are, to me, what sells the song. I know that there have been songs like this that five a message to keep fighting, but BORDERS takes it to the next level. I love that Amber, through this song, is opening up about her struggle being who she is. I'm sure most of us Vinglers know that Amber was raised in California and became an artist after auditioning for SM in LA's Global Audition, thus becoming a member of the popular girl group F(x). After recently debuting only a year ago, and releasing the EP Beautiful, the girl has been at it. Seeing it from the eyes of a fan, I particularly love artist who let us, the fans, in on their personal lives, whether they sing about there past or how they feel about a particular topic. Amber does that with this song and she remains true to herself and her craft as she raps and sings about what she's had to overcome, from the hopeful beginning to the point of disillusion and the total loss of hope and will to the breaking point, that moment when we know that the choice we make then will make us someone stronger or be the last choice we will ever make in our lives. To me, the message she sends is that when we get to the breaking point we have to remember that we are born fighters. So remember Vingle fam...FIGHTING!!!!!!!! tagging ppls @kpopandkimchi @Sailynn Please let me know what you think in the comments and tag your ppls. Let us become one big happy fam. โœŒโ˜บ