Oh VIXX what have you done....

I seriously can't fan girl enough from this song and music video it has my attention so strong I just cant....I mean look at hongbinnies stare how can u not get goosebumps!!! overall the music video production was excellent, I was curious about what concept vixx was going to put out a light or dark one. I cannot express this enough it caught me by surprised because it seemed like they covered most common dark themes and being "chained up" by a mistress it was exciting like almost bdsm-ish. Maybe that's why I love it so much *shrugs*, on to choreography, it matched everything from the chokers, being bound to a "chain" and controlled! I wanna meet and hug the guy/girl that made this dance haha...because man when they get down to them bodyrolls I'm on the floor hyperventilating, and thanks to Leo for being the ultimate bias wrecker! why taekwoon...Don't get me started on there outfits like hot dam there all in suits showing beautiful chests, collarbones, etc and there hair color choice is fabulous because hyuk with my blonde hair slay! Ken almost going natural makeup so FREAKIN beautiful! Then N with light brown eyes has me hypnotized, and ravis greasy hair, deep whispers ohh yeahh lol and hongbinnie being my UB I couldn't take my eyes off of him... I can't wait to get my hands on an album to see and feel the amazingness and how hard the boys have worked! I hope Ken is okay and hopefully taking it easy :/ and that all the members know how proud we starlights are for them
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