Maintain stability and accessibility of your website with the right tools

Owning and maintaining a website is a tough job, even if you know how to deal with it, being a veteran webmaster. You must have a lot of skills or a hired webmaster who will do all maintenance routines. And on top of that you must have a lot of tools to work with to be able to check whether your website is accessible through various protocols, to overview its stability and even monitor server hardware status. And all that should be done simultaneously, so you’ll be able to react to it fast, yet it still won’t be enough. Thus you’ll always be in need of something to deal with all the stuff instead of you, writing scripts, utilizing precisely configured software or even using some specific yet very complex services. And the latter is the best way of webmastering without sufficient time losses. There are not too many useful ones, and one of the best among them is HostTracker website monitoring platform. With its capabilities you’ll be able to outsource the entire monitoring routine to its automated checks and tests, thus freeing a lot of time for other important tasks. Despite using paid subscription methods, each registered user is given a 30-day free Trial Package. Registration is simple - you can do it quickly through filling simple forms or using one of your social networks accounts. This’ll allow you to check website for free without any limitations, in real conditions and fully automated, having a vast variety of checks and tests at hand. HTTP, ICMP, SMTP, SNMP, and TCP checks, speed tests, stability issues monitoring, statistics gathering and much more. HostTracker functionality also includes an instant alerts system which will notify you about any failed sequence. Thus you’ll be able to check your own site without constantly monitoring all reports, because it’ll send you a message if there’s something wrong with the website checks you had designated as critical for its stability or accessibility. With this system on you’ll be on the round-the-clock overwatch and be able to quickly react to any occurring troubles. All this makes a self-sufficient webmaster toolkit out of a HostTracker no matter if you’re a beginner or a pro. This platform will give you all services which you might need to deal with website monitoring routines. And all this comes with in-built notifications and a free trial period for testing and learning purposes. Of course, if you’re a rookie webmaster, you’ll need some time to get along with it. And you’ll be able to get along with that easily with the help of its Support Service as well as FAQ and Blog areas of the website.

Place your PC and clean it up with an air blower in a right way

Dust inside your PC is something you don’t want to have for sure. Not only does the inside of your PC look dirty, but also dangerous, dust can literally lift your motherboard, RAM, or video card. And most importantly - it could be fried instantly as suddenly as nothing else. Just imagine that your top-notch PC’s motherboard is fried and you’re in need of buying a new one. But there are some tips about PC maintenance so that nightmare won’t happen. Ways to keep your PC clean First thing first - the cleanest place is not the one where you’re cleaning often, but the one where there’s less dirt and dust. Of course, it’s impossible to keep your PC dust-free, but you can place it where it won’t be gathering it. So, place it that way, so its outer fans won’t be facing walls - thus fans won’t catch the dust from those walls, throwing it inside. Of course if you have an enclosed compartment for your PC, then try to place it the same way. Or change it so it’ll be somewhat larger. Also you need to clean your computer from the inside to be sure that its components won’t burn because of the dust being everywhere. But you need to do it right, so you won’t do more harm by yourself. And there are a lot of ways of doing so - from causing physical damage to creating more static buildup And in our article we’ll tell you some more about PC cleaning and all the ways to do it right or wrong. Basic tools for cleaning First of all, to dust off the bases of your hardware you can use an anti-static brush. Those are specially designed for the PC cleaning, thus you could buy yourself one in any computer store. Another thing you can also use is a disposable air can. But you should keep it at a sufficient distance - a compressed air creates a powerful airstream could harm your hardware. And a drop of the cold liquid air from the air might fall onto your hardware, thus its base will be invisibly broken with a microcracks at instant.