2 years ago
Women r not $ex toys
From past 11yrs I am working on the reason "Where our generation made the mistake that we now see our culture lost". Today I came across a famous quote..... BTW u may find me ignorant but I saw this quote today only: Women r made to b luvd, not undrstud. Felt so ashamed of it, but here I see this as a symptom where we men lost the respect for a woman, & turned them into $ex toys. Women r as human as anybody else, they deserve all the respect, they too hav their pride. All advertisements now-a-days tells our youngsters that being nude, naked, unethical is a fashion, its a new trend, its something cool. But if cool is what we should b concentrating on, then just a fact that life is warmth & cool ones r pronounced death. U r the torchbearer of ur family values & cultural ethics, ur parents hav done their best to bring u up as a 'valuable addition' into this society, they hav spend gud amount on ur education, they hav forgiven ur mistakes g insults, teachers gav their knowledge to educate a fellow human, friends hav supported u in ur Ups-Downs......