Basically, the production of plastic bags can be divided into four steps

https://baobikhangloi.com.vn/su-khac-biet-trong-quy-trinh-san-xuat-tui-nilon-ldpe-hdpe-va-cac-loai-chat-lieu-khac LDPE plastic bag production process LDPE material has the outstanding properties of being flexible and transparent. They have considerable elasticity, are very resistant to water and chemicals, solvents, and are safe to hold food. A typical example of LDPE plastic packaging are the common plastic bags such as soup, cane juice, sugar, and salt bags, that are sold on the market. The manufacturing process of LDPE bags is exactly the same as the basic steps in the production of plastic bags. This material has a melting point of about 105 to 115 ºC. LDPE plastic bags are easy to print, but hard to punch due to the flexible nature of the material. In addition, this material is well insulated but easily charged, if used to store electronic components or in explosive environments, it is necessary to treat the surface antistatic. #packaging #plasticpackaging #tuinilon #baobinhua #followme #followback #packagingcompany #packagingfactory #follow4follow #followforfollow #giare #uytin #chatluong #likeforlike #plasticbag #bigsize #like4like