What is large format PE film, technology to produce large format PE film?

https://www.tuiniloncolon.com/2020/02/mang-nhua-mang-pe-kho-lon.html Large format PE film is the main material to cut out to make large plastic bags, in which the main size is the width of the mouth of the bag, and the length can be up to several hundred meters because it is packed in rolls. This PE is extremely convenient when used as a greenhouse film, lake lining, concrete floor covering or agricultural mulch. Large format PE film is made by melting virgin plastic at a suitable temperature, then blowing it up into air bubbles and then folding it to form a film with the correct width as required and wrapped in a paper or plastic core to Maximize space saving. The larger the film size, the larger the machine must also have a blown head and the higher the body height, which can be up to 30 meters. Technical factors, technology and skill level of workers operating the machine. also very strict requirements to be able to ensure the quality of the product. High applicability of PE film in the packaging industry Packaging made from PE (polyethylene) plastic has excellent properties such as high strength and good bearing capacity, and at the same time is flexible and flexible. In addition, it also prevents water, does not allow air to pass through, and has clarity. Transparent to clearly see the product inside. Therefore, PE film or large format PE film is very popular in the packaging industry, especially in the heavy industry or for export.

Large Plastic Bags Factory

https://www.tuiniloncolon.com/2019/12/tui-ni-long-co-lon.html Items or materials that are not subject to much external force, or the transportation process is not much risk of impact, can use plastic bags packaging to reduce costs. For example, rice, fertilizer Fertilizers are products with small granules, when stored in bags, there is absolutely no need to worry about external influences. Large-sized plastic bags can also hold large machinery, cabinets, mattresses as well as liquids, vegetables .... What are the advantages of large plastic bags produced by Khang Loi packaging company? Khang Loi Company uses imported virgin plastic beads (PE plastic) as raw materials, ensuring toughness and durability as well as transparency to the extent that the product inside can be clearly seen. Besides, they I also invest in modern technology and machinery to produce products with large sizes and strict technical requirements. The width of large plastic bags can be up to 3 meters. A team of skilled and experienced workers is also an extremely important factor to help us ensure products are made in accordance with customer requirements, minimizing errors and production errors. Large production capacity, flexible shipping and payment methods as well as commitment to quality are also among the reasons that customers trust and choose our company as a packaging supplier for their activities. its production and business.

PE bag with pallet cover

https://www.tuiniloncolon.com/2019/09/tui-nylon-dang-hop.html Khang Loi Packaging Company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of PE box bags, plastic bags, box-shaped plastic bags. This type of bag is a unique type of packaging solution, often used for lining cartons or for covering large pallets or packages. Pallet or box-shaped bags are designed to hug packages or products, keeping them neat, without increasing volume and weight, and resistant to moisture or dirt. pallet bag The material that Khang Loi usually uses is PE so that the bag has flexibility, increased durability and endurance, and has beautiful colors and is transparent. In addition, PE bags, non-toxic box-shaped plastic bags and can be reused as well as easily recycled , can also be vacuum sealed or welded ... This makes them more advantageous than the current shrink film , PE wrapping film . What is the box-shaped plastic bag used for? Businesses can use pallet bags, box-shaped plastic bags of Khang Loi Packaging in the process of transporting domestic and export goods, or lining them in large cartons, covering packages, machinery, device when not in use for a long time...