Plastic resin identification code or plastics recycling by the numbers

https://baobikhangloi.com.vn/ma-nhan-dang-hay-con-goi-la-ma-tai-che-nhua In fact, there are 2 types of plastic identification codes in use. One type is three arrows surrounding a number, and the other is a solid triangle that has replaced these arrows. The above two types of codes are not different in meaning. The triangle is just a visual enhancement, but the numbers remain the same. In 2008, ASTM International took over the management of the RIC identification code system and issued the ASTM D7611 — Standard Practice for Coding Plastic Products in Manufacturing to identify plastics. In 2013, this standard was revised to change the graphical symbol of the RIC from three closed arrows to a triangle. And the reason for this change is that the arrow symbols tend to create misleading information for consumers. The closed arrows symbolizing the infinite recyclability of plastic have been invisible, making people mistakenly think that any product with this symbol has the ability to be recycled. And people gradually ignore the presence of numbers.
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