The Army in the Night: The Priestess Series

Hello Everyone! This is a novel that I am writing, and I wanted to see if people would be interested in reading it! This is the prologue of the novel! Please comment and let me know your thoughts and if you would be interested in reading it! The world isn’t what you think it is. Monsters exist. And I’m not talking about that psychological “monsters are within us humans” bullshit. Although that is true, humans are monsters in their own right, I’m talking about something completely different. I’m talking about real life creatures from your worst nightmares. They aren’t the creatures you read about in literature. They don’t fall in love with humans. They kill them. They rip them to shreds and eat their flesh. They’re not supermodels with glamorous looks that could make you swoon. They’re ugly, terrifying, and deadly. If you’re looking for a story where a human falls in love with a mythological creature and they live happily ever after, you’re in the wrong place and should look for something more… sparkly. This story isn’t a walk in the park, it’s not for the faint of heart. The gods exist as well. And I don't mean just Greek gods. All the gods exist. There’s the Christian god, Greek gods, Japanese gods, Chinese gods, Hindu gods… the list goes on. They all co-exist. Well, sort of. Each group has their own dimension. They don’t typically interact with each other. They tend to avoid it. They only interact with each other when something really went wrong. Otherwise they couldn’t care less. So generally it’s her job to keep things “balanced”. It’s her job to ensure that the humans don’t find out about the mythological creatures that roam the Earth. It was also her job to eliminate all creatures that disobey the rules and hunt humans. These two jobs are very difficult due to the fact that the creatures love to kill and feed off humans and the fact that monsters were everywhere. Living next door, under your porch, in that creepy forest behind your house, in the lake in the next town over. They were everywhere, so it was really difficult to keep balance between humans and monsters. But she’s been successful so far, because it’s her duty. Because she’s the Priestess.