2 years ago
Lovebug Challenge!
Allrighty guys! My name is Harper Kennett, I am 15, and I have lived in Georgia all my life. I am a sophmore in high school. I normally am not active on here since I have to focus on school (because of course one click on vingle equalls 574982972827 more). Music has been my inspiration for all of my existence. I am not musically talented, but music makes me feel some sort of way, ya know? When I was introduced to kpop, I was instantly connected. I was (and still am) amazed at how talented and hard working the idols were. Whenever I need a good laugh or some motivation, all I need (you girl <-- HAHAH ok just ignore me i'm sleepy) is one click on a mv and i'm instantly happy. :) My dream crushes are Jungkook and Jimin. I attempted to have my ult be Jungkook but the hoopty doop Jimin had to ruin everything. I could never keep a bias anyway. All of them are fantastic. Ok here is where I belt out my feelings. I am incredibly single, although I have a crush on a guy that I have known all my life. Mind you, we were never very close, but we knew eachother. I am a shy person so I rarely talk to him, but I have a feeling that I may have a chance. He is so incredibly nice and I LOVE men's hair for some odd reason. He has THE NICEST hair oMG. He has that nice smooth asian hair (he's asian btw) and he styles it so it swoops up OOOOHHHHH IT LOOKS SO GOOOOD. His hair looks like the one in the last pic.

I am 15 and I live in the United States. My bias group is BTS. I hope to meet some new friends!