Meet Han Hyun Min the 16-year-old Nigerian/South Korean model

Meet the 16-year-old, Han Hyun Min of Nigerian and Korean descent, he's a beautiful Hyun-min being if I must say. Born on May 19 2001 and turning 17, he is the first black-skinned model on the catwalks of South Korea. Han's father is full Nigerian while his mother is full Korean and though he may look like he's from somewhere else, he has lived in Seoul for his whole life and only speaks Korean. His modeling career started in 2016 when Han's agent, Youn Bum, reached out to him after seeing the models instagram. However being a dark skinned model and a mixed race is very unusual in South Korea. In fact, Korean people of mixed raced can possibly be called "mongrels". Just when Han's was starting out in the modeling industry, things weren't pretty for him, mostly through racism. Due to his backgrounds, he got turned down by many Korean brands, magazines and fashion designers. To quote "Because my skin is different, some designers won't really use me," Han says. Fast forward, things got way better and Han quickly became one of the most popular models in Korea. Han was featured on TIME magazine on the most 30 influential teens of 2017 list. And from his modeling career, Han is hoping to break the barriers and change the beauty standards of South Korea. Han also has revealed that his 9 Year old brother has made an appearance with Song Hye Kyo on the 2016 hit series 'Descendants of the Sun.'