a year ago
Tears (Chanyeol One-Shot)
This is my submission for the EXO one-shot contest. THERE ARE CURSE WORDS (ONLY A FEW) AND I THINK THIS IS ANGST BUT IM NOT TOO SURE BECAUSE I'VE ONLY WROTE ONE OTHER FAN FIC AND IT WAS TERRIBLE. NOW TO COMMENCE THE STORY! When he came home from work he was unsurprisingly lethargic. For weeks he seemed unreasonably tired and out of it; no matter what I tried he wouldn’t open up to me or tell me what’s wrong . I had made his favorite meal in hopes of cheering up the downer so I could share the good news of our unborn child. I had gone to the doctor’s this morning and was surprised with the news mysef. But at dinner I was met with a very resigned chanyeol who barely made a dent on his plate; he sipped his drink while avoiding my desperate stare. “I have some very surprising news.” I stated excitedly, and to my disappointment he nodded his head towards me without looking up to me, showing he heard me. I waited for a few seconds for him to voice his thoughts and what he said threw me off. “I can’t do this anymore.” His voice was coarse and he kept his eyes downcast. “what do you mean?” I asked even though I had a sneaking suspicion of what he meant. He unsnapped the leather cuff off his wrist and tossed it onto the center of the table. “this relationship. I can’t take you out and I keep you hidden yet you seem so fucking happy. Our ‘dates’ are us stowed away on the couch with a bowl of popcorn hugged to our chests. I can’t deal with any of this anymore.”

I made a wrong turn somewhere in my short existence and now I'm wondering if jimin will ever get his jams...