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The overall solution of air energy heat pump swimming pool can solve the problems of serious pollution, unstable water temperature, pool water heating, humid environment, and bad air caused by traditional swimming pool heating methods. It has the following advantages: Due to its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and intelligent control, the air energy heat pump only consumes electric energy and air heat energy, does not consume fossil fuels, and has no harmful gas emissions. Heating constant temperature safety. Effectively eliminate the residual stress in the process of pool water heating, save energy and reduce consumption, effectively reduce operating costs, and meet the requirements of swimming pool heating, constant temperature and constant humidity. Power World air energy heat pump three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pump unit can intelligently adjust the temperature and humidity. It is easy to operate and does not require special personnel to be on duty. It only needs to set the required parameters to enter the automatic operation state. Customers can understand the touch-type full-color screen. Real-time values of air temperature, humidity, pool water temperature, and equipment operating status. Customers can also choose RS485 communication interface according to their needs to implement remote control, monitoring and connec tion with the BA system. Three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pump configuration: 1. High quality compressor

Heat pump for pool is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, have you used it?

Swimming is a great way to stay fit and lose weight. However, due to equipment problems, most of the swimming pools and swimming pools in the past can only provide pool water at room temperature. Therefore, a large number of guests will come to the swimming pools and swimming pools only in summer. In other seasons, except for a few winter swimmers, almost no one will come. For the average commercial swimming pool operator, this means that they are closed for at least half of the year, and only have more than three months of normal business hours each year. Pay extra for rent, utilities, labor costs and other expenses. In recent years, with the improvement of people's daily life development level and the emergence of various swimming pool heating equipment, more and more people hope not only to swim coolly and comfortably in summer, but also to enjoy comfortable swimming in cold winter. Experience, so the constant temperature swimming pool came into being. Until now, heated swimming pools have gradually become standard facilities in high-end hotels, fitness centers, gymnasiums, schools and other places. Then, there are so many types of air energy heat pump for pool in the domestic market. Which air energy heat pump equipment is the best choice for a constant temperature swimming pool? Through the practice of multiple engineering examples, the special air energy heat pump for swimming pool stands out among many swimming pool constant temperature heating system equipment, and its actual economic operation effect has also been recognized by more and more users. Air energy swimming pool heat pumps work according to the basic principle of heat pumps. When it works, it doesn't require coal, natural gas, oil and other fuels. It only needs a small amount of electricity. During the whole heating process, there is no open flame, so there is no need to worry about fire, explosion and other accidents; it does not emit waste gas, waste residue, dust and other pollutants, which not only protects the atmosphere and surrounding environment, but also eliminates poisoning accidents. possibility. At the same time, the maximum water temperature of the air-energy swimming pool heat pump is only 38°C, which can prevent scalding accidents. Taking the swimming pool project of Huanggang Experimental Middle School in Maoming, Gaozhou as an example, in order to provide a safe and comfortable swimming teaching environment for teachers and students, the school chose to install Power World multiple air energy swimming pool heat pumps as the heating equipment for the school swimming pool. related parameters, the heat pump can run automatically. The capability of the pool-specific air-to-energy heat pump has been proven once again.
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