All About Lash Lifting: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Lash lifting is made of safe and gentle materials, which is suitable for most people. It is cost-effective and easy to accept. Let us explore more about lash lifting: What is a Lash Lift? Lash lifting is one of the most popular services in the beauty salon, it makes eyelashes become desired curl and shape. It does not need lash grafting, mascara, or apply false eyelashes with glue, natural eyelash could also be shown perfect shape. The lash perming technique’s principle is to disassemble and reorganize the disulfide bonds of people’s natural eyelashes, thereby changing the shape of the eyelashes. This technique is completely natural and utilizes lifting cream and silicone pads to lift your eyelashes, making them look longer and fuller. It can last six weeks, sometimes longer, and you’ll still see a fabulous lash lift even when you get off the shower or a swimming pool. Of course, if you still want to graft lash after lash lifting, it is also okay. What Products are Included in a Lash Lifting Kit? Essential creams & tools: Three types of creams for different steps, now the popular creams are step 1-3, lash lifting, lash fixing, and keratin booster, for eyelash softening, styling and nutrition respectively. Besides, professional glue, silicone pads of 5 sizes, and Y comb. Other optional accessories can be matched according to customized needs, like cotton swabs, eye gel patches, screw brushes, breathable tapes, disposable cream plates, etc.
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