The Dancer Pt. 8 (Final)

Kai X Reader Warning: Language A/N: Sorry for the long wait. I have been working on my other fan fics and a had writer block. I hope you enjoyed reading So Jongin this hanging out with the guys”. He was shocked I was there “Baby why you are here?” he said. “Don’t baby me?” I spat. “How could you cheat on me? And what worst it was with the same slut who cheated on you.” “Slut, who are you calling a slut? I can’t help he wanted me back. I guess you weren’t good enough” Kate said with a smirk on her face. She turned to him and kissed him. At this point I a pissed and have had it with her bull shit. I pulled her away from him by her hair. Once I had a good grip I wrapped it around my wrist. She tried to swing but she kept missing. I then repeated to punch her in the head. Jongin tried to pull me off of her, but I elbowed him to get him from touching me. Xiumin and Suho came and pulled me off of her. After they got me away from her I had pull out her hair. I yelled, “Bitch you are so lucky. I know you were the one who put glass in my slippers.” I drop her hair on the ground. As she is getting up off the ground she confessed. Yep I did it and I will do it again. The shock on Jongin face was priceless.” I told you she did it but you didn’t believe me.” His face turned from shock to pure anger. “You did what?!” he said to Kate. She responds and says, “I-I did it to get you back. Kai you said you were still I love with me.” She grabs his arm but he snatches away from her. I then leave the
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