Investment in nanoscience set to benefit the UK healthcare sector

A total grant of over £ 6.5 million has been awarded for seven business-based projects that will focus on the development of therapeutic agents and diagnostics where nanoscale technologies are the focus of innovation. Grants will be provided by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Technology Strategy Board, and projects will be led by Critical Pharmaceuticals, Johnson Matthey, Molik, Nanomerics, OJ-Bio, Renisha Diagnostics, and Sharp Laboratories. Europe. The purpose of the investment is to help ensure that the UK can take an early competitive adoption of these technologies and generate early-stage ideas from academics and through the building to generate the healthcare sector around the world They can commercialize them and can face immediate and difficult challenges. skywalker boards for cheap with Businesses. The investment is part of a two-stage initiative under Nano-Science for the Application Grand Challenge for Healthcare through Engineering. The university's partners on two of the funded projects initially received three years of funding from the EPSRC and these projects would run on the scale of technologies developed in the first phase. The proposed R&D projects will seek to develop a close relationship between the healthcare community and the emerging nanoscale technology community, evolve rapidly, and commercialize nanoscale technologies at an early stage. Key challenge areas include preoperative and disease detection and diagnosis, leading to significant improvement in patient outcomes, and effective treatments that are tailored to the needs of patients, and which either modify the underlying disease or potentially Provide treatment.
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