{MCM} Red Head addition

so I went with Mattsun Tomoya from the anime and manga "Rainbow Days" aka "Nijiro Days" I'm not a huge fan of shojo but this is probably my favorite shojo so far. There are four love stories in this manga and I like to categorize them as: *main love story* Natsuki x Ana (He can't hide his feeling and she come off as emotionless) aka Mr Transparent x Ms Dan- dere, next is Tsuipon x Yukarin (he's the introverted otaku and she's the extroverted otaku) aka the Introvert and the Extrovert, then there's my personal fave Keichi x Nozomi (he's a sadist and she's a masochist) aka The Sadist and the Masochist, and finally Tomoya x Mari (He's a player or was and she's a man hater *although it's closer to people hater xD*) aka the Player and the Tsun-dere xD Tomoya is actually pretty charming thus is the life of a player xD he had never been in love until he found a girl he couldn't catch, I like his over all personality and I think he's a great big brother maybe a little to great xD He's also a wonderful friend and maybe one day a wonderful boyfriend (when he's only dating one girl instead of 4 or 5) He looks really cool and I always love it when he tries to prevent his sister from finding out he's a player, like your to innocent the to know that I your brother is scum xD He's kind of conceited and definitely a little selfish xD also a little narcissistic and looks pretty good with his hair tied up xD One of the best things about him is he doesn't really care about other people's opinion of him and he's not afraid of drawing attention, he also has these moments where he seems like a knight in shining armor. . . but then you realize that knight has dark wings xD

Yuri on Ice and my thoughts on the new episode. . . .

*Spoilers* So when Yuri said he "Let's end this after the Grand Prix final" or something along the lines of that. I honestly don't think it's because he doesn't think he can win or that he thinks Viktor will leave him if he loses. It's because he loves Viktor and saw the hungry eyes of a competitor craving to compete against all these crazy ice skating monsters. Yuri probably feels that if Viktor hadn't become his he probably be competing at this event, therefore Yuri in his own way, is trying to let Viktor go because he knows that he doesn't belong as a coach but he belongs as a competitor. Although Yuri may also feel he's not captivating enough for Viktor but that feeling (I don't think) is what controlled this decision. But this episode was definitely frustrating (for me at least). Yuri getting one of the lowest scores really sucked and it annoys me that he can't land any difficult jumps when every other competitor can. . . It also kinda of annoys how Yuri was super fragile after messing up and Viktor was to busy being mesmerized by everything and everyone else, and then Yuri says something so kind and yet extremely stupid at the end. He should be worrying about himself but instead he's worrying about Viktor, and now he's gone and pour ice water over his dwindling flame of a drive to win because there isn't really a point in winning (other than to win) now that his ultimate prize (Viktor) he just said goodbye too! (of Viktor won't leave until it's actually over) Yuri needs to find his own confidence with out Viktor but now is not the time Yuri!!!! Focus on winning once you've won then it's your choice or not to let your prize go!!! What are your guy's thoughts? @AmazingAshley