I'm building more walls

This year has been a pretty hard year. I thought things would be better and I would get closer to my dreams. But these few months my emotions have really decided to test the strength of my walls. First I had a good start to the year. Until I began getting pain in my right side. I hurt so much I cried. I went to the ER about 3 times. And it turned out to be my appendix. I had it removed and was of for about a month from work due to healing and infection. And let me tell you, that I wasn't 100% when I went back. And this is when everything started attacking my walls. Work was going great once I got back. I was a few months in to a new place and promotion. Working with an old friend and coworker. Although I don't really talk to everyone there I had him and our little team. But a week into me being back (not even full time) he left. I was happy he left because it was a promotion. But now I had to show good results. And I was feeling the pressure and being reminded even before he left. And soon more stress. The same week he left my other coworkers went on vacation and now put her two weeks in. And the other one is on leave for his new born. A team that used to be five turned into two. And who is constantly being told to match his score (me). To top it off, there is trouble at home. Being the strongest emotionally I turn into a family counselor. Hearing both sides of the arguments. Giving advise without letting them see my pain inside. crying while everyone sleeps or on the way to work. Making sure everyone is fine. They don't even realize that the pain to my side has returned and keeps getting worse. Or that I'm having pain in my throat.
+ 11 interests

L.A Big Bang

My first kpop concert was the best experience ever. Not only was the concert of my favorite group but the group that got me into kpop. And that group is none other than the Kings BIG BANG We (by we i refer to my younger sister and cousin, also vip fans) anyhow. We arrived at Staple Center around 6pm. It was very busy. After all the security we finally got to our seats. As you can tell, our seats where high up. Which turned out great because we had view off all the screens. Of course close up would have been better (next US tour) The concert was Fantastic Baby, not only did they do group songs but also Solo. They spoke to the fans and showed their love (non kpop artist don't do that) by far the best concert I've been to in my life. The next day we went Koreatown. We tried delicious Korean BBQ and their was a fair. We tried Topoki, along with korean ice-cream. And we got to try on the Korean clothing (which is beautiful) The final destination before returning home was a kpop music store. Not only did we buy the MADE E CD, my sister also got herself a ONE OF A KIND sweater. But also a Big Bang blanket. I got posters. and ones we got home it was time to Decorate!!!

Humans The Real Animals

I was sitting here today, watching T.V. When my mother showed me an article that frankly made me sick and ashamed to call myself Human. The article was about a pitbull. How all her/his life it had been abused. Abused so much that it hurt me. The dog has never known love because of that monster. A monster who dosent deserve to a called human. Why is it that we as humans think we are the best organism in this planet. Why do we as humans think we stand above everything and everyone. Have we forgotten that we bring war and suffering. Desesise and pain. The way I see it, is that animals are better than us. They don't kill for fun. They don't cause war over and over again. They don't judge base on the color of your skin. The person you love, or where you were born or language you speak. There more pure and accepting than any of us. The only humans who are as pure and innocent as animals are children. Children aren't born to hate. They don't judge you on your every move. They don't hate you because your different. They don't go out and kill for fun. Adults teach hate, teach war, not animals. Not children. Animals should be loved and I don't mean dogs only but every animal out there. They should be cared for. We humans made them  domestic animals. And as humans we have to care for them. This is not only are planet but there's too. Let's be humans and not monsters. Let's protect them so that they protect us. So that they stay  beautiful and that they never know pain.