Role Play #1

Under the dark earth dozens of people are picking, shoveling, and loading all kinds of dimonds. These people where called Zircon Slaves. They all work at a camp called " Stormford Work Camp" were people would dig for hours into the night and had very little time for rest. There where people of all types there. There where humans and other magical creator's forced to mine the diamonds day and night. There is just one small group of people there who are planing for an escape one night, and where about to take action. The only problem that was ahead for them to face is the guard's, the owner of the camp, and the forbidden forest the was next to the camp. Their only means to escape the camp was to adventure through and past the magical and deadly forest into another land in hopes that they can find land that had no slaves and complete freedom. These are the characters that will be in the story. The first group listed will be the group that is trying to escape the camp. The separate group of names are the ones that will come in at some point of the story. Aria Astrial: Element Wizzard Ilene Combart: Forest warrior elf. Caitlen Wolf.: half human and half warewolf. Jadeblade: Super Assasin, human