Furry Friendly - No One Left Behind

It's THAT time of of year again, Friends. Disaster Preparedness!! With all of the flooding in Texas, and ongoing preparations for fall-time hurricanes, now is the perfect time to plan ahead - To save our pets! Our pets are our family members - and there are many ways we can ensure their safety during the uncertain times of disaster. First, and most simply - Both the American Red Cross and The Humane Society host information and classes on Pet First Aid and Pet Disaster Preparedness. In a hurry or emergency, you can use this pet CPR guide (above). Also, make sure to post this kind of decal in every window of your home (there are many similar styles to choose from). Place the notifier/sticker especially at the front door where rescuers can see it. If you and your FuzzFace are separated, this helps rescuers who are specifically trained to look for pet identifiers. Many can be found for purchase online or at your local Fire Station. In the case that you are separated from your pet, area shelters partner with local disaster response agencies to shelter all pets until owners can be located. This is a new guidline in FEMA's 2012 mass-care initiative - a sad but very viable lesson (of many) learned from the failures of Hurrcane Katrina.
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Calling All Super Heroes in Training!

As promised, here is our first card regarding how YOU can become an everyday life-saver! First, everything we talk about here can be found in one of two (simple) locations: The American Heart Association www.heart.org and The American Red Cross www.redcross.org. Although some techniques and information may differ slightly - the differences are negligible and the end goal is the same...To provide you with current and viable tools which will allow you to save yourselves, a loved one, or stranger. Let's get started (with enthusiasm)!! We'll start with some background, very important information which illustrates WHY this is such a heavy topic. I will try to streamline this as best I can so that you needn't be reading for days on end. The basic info regarding heart disease will give you an idea of why this kind of empowering knowledge is so necessary. No, wait...don't fall asleep yet - there's STILL more! Important Facts + Approximately 600,000 people per year in the U.S. die from heart disease/coronary related incidents - That’s one in four deaths. Every year, approx. 715,000 Americans experience a heart attack. Heart Disease is also among the TOP THREE killers of people worldwide.
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