Curling your hair with a straightener

I've been getting asked how I curl my hair by a few of my friends and people in public. So I just want to show you guys. Maybe most of you already know how but this is for the ones that don't know how (: this is how I do it! It would be best if you used a heat protector spray for your hair so it wouldn't get too damaged. I use this one by l'oreal which works great. Spray it all over your hair especially the ends. You can get this at any store and costs no more than $10. Grab a little section of hair. Not too big/thick. I have thin hair but very Long hair so depending on your hair type, grab as much as you think is best. Take your straightener and flip it back (towards you) and pull it straight down. Don't go to fast though or your hair Will become too frizzy and won't curl. Don't go too slow either or you'll burn your hair. Go at a good pace. On your next strand, do the same thing but instead or flipping your straightener towards you, you flip it forward away from you. Keep alternating for the rest of your hair. Once you're done with all your hair, add hair spray, flip your hair a few times and shake it up a bit. This is my ending result. I hope this helped a few people! (: