Might be giving up on Vingle

Well I might be giving up because I don't know if anyone actually reads my Oneshots anymore. My audience just seems to get smaller and smaller and I don't know what I'm doing wrong honestly. Now I do have a good number of Oneshots, and I have been here with Vingle for a year and two months plus counting, but I just seem to not be able to make any friends or promote my stories well enough here. I'll give Vingle one more month and if I feel like I'm getting nowhere I'll delete/deactivate my account. Like at this point I don't know if it's because I wasn't really popular to began with and that's why my stories aren't getting much attention and I seem to not being making friends as easily or if it because nobody seems to actually like my content or something. Just gonna tag the friends I've made here. @resavalencia @isolate @AngelaDarkness @alltimerejectx @szewwy @twistedpuppy @SassyMaknae @thatphamily @jojojordy2324 @SatinSkies