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Dawon Wednesday Card ~Fluffy Oneshot~
"Y/N its been a few days, can't you just forgive and forget. I mean it was a stupid silly fight between you and Dawon." My friend on the other line said. I rolled my eyes at her words but knowing she was right. A few days ago, Dawon and I got in a argument about a stupid thing. And knowing myself, I couldn't swallow my pride and apologize to him first. "How can I possibly forget what he said to me, Mae." I told her. "Y/N you're a stubbron bitch." sighing in the receiver naking me laugh, which caused her to laugh along. "Well I love you too Mae." giggling into my hand. "But please Y/N can't you just make up with him already. YoungBin been saying he's been moping around the dorm for the past two days and YoungBin is ready to pull someone hair already. And bet your ass its not gonna be me. Oh Y/N, I gotta go, YoungBin is here. Please do all of us a favor and make up with Dawon. Bye, I love you." "Bye Mae, Love you too." I told her then ending the call on the touch screen. I tossed my phone to the side of the couch and leaned back to stare at the wall. I had a habit of chewing on my lip while I was thinking. Dawon always said he was gonna kiss me if he saw me chewing on my lip. Sighing again, I really missed my boyfriend and wanted to be with him right now. I closed my eyes to get the thoughts out of my head when I opened them I saw Dawon staring down at me. "Ahhh!!!" Screaming as I stood up looking at him. "What the hell Dawon. Don't scare me like that!!" I stepped closer and slapped his arm before sitting back down on the couch. "Did I really scare you Y/N?" He sent me his half smirk that always drove me insane. "Yes, what are you doing here?" crossing my arms and giving him a look. "Hey I just wanted to make up with my girlfriend. Is that bad. Look I brought your favorite chinese food, favorite movie, favorite candy." Dawon said holding up a plastic and brown bag. I didn't say anything as I watched him move around the room. He started with, putting the food on the coffee table and then popped in the movie. Before hitting play, he handed me my food and drink. "Movie time!!" he sat back, pressing the play button on the remote. I had gotten comfortable on the other end of the couch while eating and watching the movie.
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