Tokyo ghoul pt 1

I've been avoiding talking too much about Tokyo ghoul or any series I truly love because I have plans for them that you all will hopefully see in the near future but this oooh this little gem you know how you always see some pose or action in a show people love? Well in most cases doing them in real life is far less epic but sometimes those rare few moments do those creators find some pose nobody has ever thought of and it resonates throughout a fandom til a normal person walks up asks wtf they are doing and they get sucked up into said fandom for instance one pose that failed or rather poses power rangers so many poses for suiting up and then just standing all never looking quite right while something along the lines of goku's kamehameha is just badass through and through thank you akira toriyama sensei for all the time that went into a pose copied worldwide by child and adult now where does something like Kaneki's habit from Yamori(Jason) who in turn got it from his torturer I'm sensing a pattern here....Anyway this seems so simple yet I haven't met anyone who can actually crack their damn fingers while doing it SOMEBODY HELP ME HOW DOES ONE DO IT?! and you just realized you spent however many minutes reading this for it to be about nothing but poses ❀️ love all you vinglers and I hope you have a goodnight/morning/day whatever time you read this at

Im just a bit crazy

I don't want to be dragging your mood down guys so I'll try to keep this as light as possible but man pain sticks to me like gum baked in the sun my last post for those that haven't seen it is about trying to leave the pain and just enjoy life but even I can't do it least not yet I hold all of that pain inside and it twists and contorts inside of me til I'm a person I don't even recognize right now I'm trying desperately to break free of it but like I said its holding me tight or maybe I'm holding on to it hard to tell these days I dunno about you but I love manga for the epic fights but also all that idealism that hope to find a better day to stand against all the unjust to see a character truly realize their potential after having the realization of a lifetime I envy that unfortunately it's not so simple for us but that's what makes it worthwhile because it isn't easy in this age where everything can be beautiful or terrifying depends on your perspective to put it simply I'm trying hard to let go of all the regret I've burdened myself with for a lifetime i post this here because I'm a very open person atleast now I am a couple years ago I wouldn't have dreamed of doing such a thing that just shows how far I've come but now I've hit a wall and I don't know where to turn I'm still standing there screaming in defiance because I refuse for this to be the end thank you for your time and I hope you all can take something away from this and have a good day my friends