a year ago
Every single living human being are born with different life style, she never knew how different her life was was until the day she enter school. Everyone was taught to use words to sort every situation and do not use violence, but at home she was taught words was useless and action will get everything finish, if action doesn't help then use your fist. She grew up with such confusion as to what rule she has to follow. Growing up she realize school didn't teach her to be prepare for the real world, but for the world they hope and wish for. Now that she is 20, and have all the knowledge of her background, gave her the acknowledge of life if full of secrets and lies. Being normal was all she ever ask for. A normal family, with normal friends. But this is never going to happen, especially living that life. Knowing how to fight in a competition and to save her life at the age of 4, learning how to use and hid a hand gun without exposing at the age of 8. And having the whole town calling her "princess." Being the heiress of the town's under ground mafia trading market. What they trade are not illegal, but what they protect and fight for is illegal, since they are a mafia family, everything they do are being watch, thinking they would do something unpleasant. Living like this, her life was at risk at every moment. But was this necessary for a young child to live through? Now 20, she will be taking over the family business and the head of the mafia clan, in 5 more years. Things didn't go very smoothly as she try to learn how to take over the clan and business. And meeting him... Who is she What does her future hold When will she learn to acknowledge the truth