a year ago
{WW} Blue Haired Husbandos
I'm so excited about this weeks promt, I am the one who suggested it. I love anime hair and I've noticed that I started liking characters that have certain hair colors. I don't only like them for their hair but I just noticed the hair always catches my attention first especially light blue hair. My favorite color in general is green but when it comes to anime hair I really like light blue. So here are some husbandos with light blue hair (btw some of them could be argued that it's a different color but it was close enough for me so I put them on here) Kuroko Tetsuya Kuroko no Basket He's so cute I love him so much! I started fangirling over him before I watched the show. I had seen some fanart of him and clips from the anime then I instantly fell in love. After watching the anime I loved him more. Even though he's small and weak he is still very skilled and can really surprise you. Another thing I really like about him is he's one of those few characters that I can ship with almost everyone but my favorite paring is Kuroko x Kagami. But he can be shipped with so many characters, I guess he's just so shipable. Aoba Seragaki Dramatical Murder

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