GD Shows Support For LGBT Community and takes down post?

I don't have his Orginial post but to say i am angry is an understatment. He posted a pitcure of a rainbow heart and had a caption about Orlando. So WHY DO YOU FEEL THE NEED TO COMMENT 'OMG OPPA ARE YOU GAY??' 'ARE YOU COMING OUT OPPA?' I have never been so disgusted by people. THIS WAS AN ACT OF TERROR. 50 PEOPLE, 50 INNOCENT PEOPLE WERE KILLED. Whether you support the LGBT Community or not, that HAS to do disgust you, yet you sit that and ask if your DAMN OPPA IS COMING OUT OF THE DAMN CLOSET. I am honestly so ashamed. He ended up taking down that post and put this one up instead. *This isn't to offend anyone or directed towards anyone. I am simply angry to the point where I am sobbing* I have gay friends, I have trans friends, thay could have been them.