Never Thought It Was Possible Chapter 4

Sorry for not uploading last time, life has a way of slapping you in the face when you be living peacefully. Anyways, I'm thinking of doing another one-shot series but I have to many groups I love, please comment which boy group would you like me to write: Monstax, 2pm, Got7, 17, etc. The most likes will be the winner. Deadline is August 19. Photos are credited to their respective owners. RECAP: My mind is slowly catching up on how in the hell he's here, on my doorstep. Before I can even put that thought into a question. He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder and walks in the front door, closing it with his foot. I squealed when he picked me up and then started laughing, smacking his bum. He lowers me on the couch and pounces on me. He rests his head in between my breasts and gets comfortable while he says, "I'm tired, let me sleep for a little bit and then we'll talk." I nod and then I remember he can't see, so I give him a sound that sounds like ok. "hmm." I caress his head, until I hear slow and even breath ripple through my shirt. I start to think back on how I got home and recall that we went to the hotel to grab a bite and a drink and how the music was calling me. I stumbled a little when I cross the threshold of the hotel to the dancefloor. Memories rushed past and my heartbeat picked up and I facepalmed my forehead. What in the world was I doing on the dancefloor with Ricky and Daniel. My face blanched when I remember photos being taken. Oh, Shi - *****************************************************************************
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