tips to avoid Pigs (cops) and enjoy your sesh for longer

hello i've been sort of a fly on the wall in this community posting helpful tips when i can and trying to help out my fellow brothers and sisters of the boards of long to start off i would like to say that i am not a professional heck i cant do half the things i enjoy watching on youtube but i do know a thing or two about being cordual now what that means exactly is i know how to respect others and care about the well being of all of you so please take some advice if not all of which i am about to share with you well the purpose of this card is to give you some pointers on how to ultimately get the most from your boarding experience tip#1 smile and wave its as simple as that smile and wave to almost everyone that you see did you know that the #1 thing people who failed to commit suicide says "if anyone would've said hello to me or aknowledged me in anyway i wouldnt have done it" so even if you smile and wave to everyone you may even have saved a life wether i am boarding or not i still smile and wave because of this exact reason even if the person is a dick to you smile and wave it makes you the bigger person and makes you look like you areent up to anything bad