2017 Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod Di2 Disc

I just picked up this wickedly cool, ultra-advanced, pedal-rocket and have only spent 24 hours with it. The 2017 Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod (for high modulus carbon - ballistic quality carbon fiber weave) Ultegra Di2 Disc is Cannondale's top of the line carbon framed road endurance bicycle. My first ride was down through Santa Barbara, CA - to the Pacific Ocean and back. About 20 miles on dedicated cycling paths. Santa Barbara is riddled with dedicated cycling paths which criss cross the city allowing cyclists to safely traverse the many busy roads and the 101 Freeway (which cuts through the middle of the city). Nestled between a tall mountain range and the Pacific Ocean with only a mile or so between the two - there's not a lot of room for streets so traffic is often congested and from a cyclist's point of view - very dangerous. There are many trails and courses that allow cyclists to move across the city from the mountains to the ocean with safety and ease. It's a great place to live if you love cycling. Team Cannondale/Garmin train here in the spring before the Tour of California - which Stage 3 traditionally ends in downtown Santa Barbara but last year for the first time in the history of the tour ended at the top of Gibralter Road, a punishing 5,000 ft climb. The Synapse is the perfect bicycle for this part of California. It's hybrid geometry - a mix between racing performance and long touring comfort are well suited to the climbs, flats, and curving paths all throughout the region. Designed for long rides or for rides over rough roads (such as cobblestones - ala Tour de France type riding) the Hi-Mod "BallisTec" carbon frame is specially designed to absorb road vibrations while remaining rigid enough to transfer the majority of your pedalling efforts effectively to the drivetrain and the road. Equipped with Shimano's Ultegra Di2 drivetrain - powered by what Cannondale claims is the lightest and most effective crank and chainring system in the World - the aluminum Hollogram SI and Spidering crank system, this model Synapse is an effecient and powerful machine.

FIKS:Reflective - Cycling Safety Gear That's Cool!

Ever dream about riding a Light Cycle from the movie "Tron"? Put these reflective decals on your bicycle by FLIKS:Reflective and you'll look the part as you cycle down the street. I've used these on my bikes the last few years (I've included a couple of shots of my older Cannondale which I used two different colors on the rims to match the paint scheme). They are incredibly effective in making you highly visible in low light conditions. Just a note - each sheet does both sides of a single rim. So when ordering - you need to order two sheets if you want to do both front and back rims on both sides. Add light to these decals and they immediately reflect an enormous amount of light back at the source. And as you can see - hit these decals with a direct light source (such as the flash on your phone's camera) and they explode with bright light.
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