2 years ago
Looking for friends on Halo.
Hey everyone, I'm back! I had no internet for around two months and just recently got it back. I've noticed that some of the cards I've made seem to have gone missing in light of my disappearance, which I'll eventually repost. For now I'd like to focus on Halo. This is by far my favorite game franchise ever, but a lot of the friends I used to have kinda dropped contact with me and went their own way, and playing in an online game of any kind by myself all the time is no fun, and with all the time I've had on my hands lately it's beginning to drive me mad. So I thought why not check around Vingle for new friends? I'm hoping to find at least a few friends with this card, but the more the merrier! I have Halo: Reach, Halo MCC and Halo 5. I don't really mind the company I keep, so as long as you're not a jerk (to put it nicely) I'm OK with you. I do play on Xbox One and I have other games, but I wanted to focus on Halo with this card because I feel like it would probably be a bigger attention grabber than the other games. But yeah, just send me a message here on Vingle for my Gamertag, and hopefully we can be friends! Edit: Forget messaging me, just hit me up on Xbox. My Gamertag is Apex Wolven (For now)