great birthday for the most part

my aunt took me to daddies board shop today. I was planning on getting a pair of wheels or trucks but looked at my skate shoes and all of them had holes so I got a pair of vans era pro and and stickers. I also found out why they dropped original. it's because they feel original hasn't come out with anything new lately and copy their designs from other company's. after I got my shoes I decided to see what I could do to fix the rattling from my beer can. as you can see the bolts are weird. they dint have a spot for a screw driver. so I took them out and flipped them and wala no rattling so far. let's hope it stays that way so after I fixed my board of went on a board ride. started out great for the first hour or so until our was walking up a hill and three guys were walking down and when I was few feet in front of them the guy in front pulled out a knife and lunged at me. I truck slapped him and booked it out of there. I called the cops and have them all the details and Shit. after that I continued to ride. And in the middle of a heel slide these kids about middle school come out and stay throwing water balloons at me. I landed on my ass and you're myself a new one. I would post a picture of it but I don't think you guys want to see a hairy bleeding ass. unless you know your into that Shit. the three four mile ride back was Hell. I made back the safe besides my ass and now I'm just waiting to go to a jazz festival. at least it was an eventful birthday. have any of you guys ran into Shit like the balloons or knife. this is the second time some one pulled a knife on me and once a guy pulled a gun on me and my friends. scary Shit man watch who you Fuck with