Story Things

Have you ever just felt the need to write a story or 8? That's where I am right now. I have so many ideas whirling around in my head like a monsoon raging in the rainforest. Every droplet contains dozens of words. Dozens of ideas. But I'm only able to pick out so few if any. So I've decided ask anyone out here on Vingle. I have about 4 in progress stories right now, and suffice it to say that I wish to concentrate on one for the moment. My question to you vinglers is this: which should I concentrate on? I know you're all probably wondering what they're about and I'll gladly tell you. 1: It's a sci-fi story, exclusively Star Wars. It's about a squad of clones that seek and collect anything of the Old Republic during height of the Clone Wars. Mainly right between episodes 2 and 3 for perspective on timeline. But that's mainly all I got for that one 2: An assassin story heavily based upon Assassin's Creed and an anime called Requiem of the Phantom. Elements of each have the main character, Null, placed into circumstances as being trained by Templars to be an Assassin hunter of sorts. Although during his missions, he continues to meet and decimate assassins from around the world. Each Assassin he meets and assassinates tells him more of the order he is hunting down. Which leads him to question his loyalty to the Templars. I'm already on chapter 6 with this one but I've hit writers block the last few times I've tried to write anything. 3: A fantasy story in which the the main characters are an Elf and a man who is a shape shifter, for lack of better word choice. This shape shifter, or Changling as I call him, is one of a rare 'breed', who is able to reshape and change the physiology of their entire bodily makeup to look, feel, basically BECOME something else. If he wants he can turn into a mouse. Or a troll. Or a cat. whatever they turn into is also the strength of their body at that time. So that way they're not too overpowered and their 'ability' actually makes sense.