Why I Love Anime

So I was watching a lot of anime lately like one piece, fairy tail zero, and Naruto Shippuden and I got so emotional because these and many more are anime that I grew up with. To see the main characters growing up as well as I just gets me in my feels. So I wanted to share with my Vingle Nakama the reasons why I love anime so much. Anime is Continuous. Like I said I was watching all these anime when I was a child. Number one is Dragon ball. To see goku as a kid and then later on to see him have grandchildren is crazy. I've literally been a goku fan since forever. Going super saiyan and then to super saiyan god! Like seeing that I wanted to freak out. Another continuous anime is Naruto. All Naruto fans know that Naruto is the number one underdog story ever. To start off as a brat that nobody liked and ppl said he was never going anywhere in life and then to become the freaking Hokage and the village hero. LEGENDARY! Your New Nakama. Coming with the anime you watch are millions of people who wants to talk about the anime with you. In the beginning I usually just talked about anime with family and close friends but then I got introduced to Vingle and other places where otakus roamed. I met a whole lot of people who liked the same anime I watched. Not only the mainstream anime but the less known anime too like Food Wars, Psycho Pass, Gurren Lagann, High School Of The Dead and many more. Evertime I'm bored I could always count on my vingle nakama to talk.