VIXX Encounters Setbacks Right After Comeback

Alas, the boys of VIXX have come into a few issues right as there 1st Week of promotions have begun. After the groups MV release of there new title track Fantasy a few days ago, VIXX has officially performed their comeback stage and received a positive response from fans. Whilst Starlights are extremely enthusiastic about the groups latest release, others are starting to get angered after multiple streaming and voting errors. ~(As I'm sure most of you are already aware of) many fans are very upset about the YouTube view counter decreasing and slowing down views on the official MV. Multiple Starlights have been remaining calm and positive, simply continuing to support the MV, however others are getting concerned that there views are not contributing. As the MV views are counted for music shows and are very important, they believe that the MV should be above a million and say that this is greatly hurting VIXX's chances during competitions and music shows. A few of the fans are now requesting that YouTube check there counting system, claiming that there is an error deleting actual video views. ~After voting and streaming for nomination on The Show, VIXX was not included after an error. While it's reported that the votes will be included in next weeks rankings, fans are upset that they were led to believe the contributions would be included into this weeks system. They claim if VIXX hadn't been nominated fairly then they would not be upset with the program, however after paying money The Show either did not communicate that VIXX's votes would be for next week or an error caused the group to not be counted. Starlight's are waiting for next week, however many fans are claiming that if they are still not included they will sue The Show for allowing fans to pay and then not delivering.