2 months ago
2017 Thoughts πŸ€”
I haven't made a post in a while.. So I decided to just make a random post on thoughts I had been thinking about that I'm able to make into a post :) This year I had recently found these YouTubers that I had crushed on when they were on Vine and I still crush on them to this day. Those YouTubers are the Dolan Twins (Ethan and Grayson Dolan). I still love Kpop but I've been into Kpop for so long that I wasn't able to catch up on anything else that I had loved in the past so I decided to take a little break from Kpop and limit myself to one group that I've been loyal to loving since the day of their debut, BTS. This year I had been hesitating but I'm still thinking about it... Lately I had been having the realization of how long I had grown up watching YouTubers as a kid. I've been thinking if I should start my own vlogging channel... I keep hesitating because I don't know how to start off my channel. I'm camera shy (or just shy in general) but I want to conquer that. I'm 15 this year and I want to be able to speak or perform in the spotlight without aid sometimes. Would you guys watch my weird channel anyways? Haha I love cameras, photography, and seeing people smile and happy but I'm scared to step out to the public (but instead of always making edits I want to stop being shy). It seems quite ironic... I want to start a YouTube channel but I'm camera shy but want to conquer it haha. I already show my face on my social media. I don't really have any more thoughts but if you guys would like, I can make more thought posts (if these are any interesting lol)... Leave a comment below and you can follow me on my social media!
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a year ago
Kpop Reacting...
Okay so as I went through my recommendations, I saw this video of Amanda Cerny reacting to Kpop (BLACKPINK - Boombayah). People made this a big problem saying "This is going to hurt our idols". I don't see how it is hurting them. What is hurting them is how most of the people of fandoms get so possessive that they don't realize it and they go too crazy jumping forwards to see their bias and chasing them down. One thing... If you're trying to make Kpop a better place to invite more people in, don't make a problem. I know Kpop idols work really hard but they work hard to show their talent for what they are capable of because they want to show their passion. If performing is their passion let it be their passion. Don't put them down by breaking the audience. We want people to see that the Kpop world is a nice world to be welcomed in. We're not a group/gang/fandom trying to pick up a fan war every time we try to get the chance. Fake reactions or not maybe Amanda Cerny isn't the reaction type. I'm sure many of us have found Kpop out through a reaction video (Not how I found them out but I know that there are many people that find Kpop that way). I honestly think it's nice that she's reacting to the video because it's showing her reaction to it. Not every reaction needs to be perfect. Everyone has their opinions and that is that. I just had to let out another mini rant after seeing an eyeful of these comments. What do you think of this situation? Comment below! ❀
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