Enhancing Your Card: Creative Writing & Poetry

This is for all of you creative writers and poets out there! I'd love to share some personal tips and suggestions for you guys to help enhance your cards here on Vingle. I'd also like encourage you all to add your own tips and suggestions for others, and myself, in the comments. In this card is going to talk about a few concepts: The appearance of your card, Grammar, Card content, and Card and collection accessibility. Creating an appealing appearance for your card: Cards with pictures that relate to the content of your piece will draw more attention and readers to your card. You want to make sure the picture reflects the idea and feel of your card. Example: if you are writing a piece about Christmas a fitting picture would be something that makes a viewer think or relate to Christmas. Some pieces are harder to find an appropriate picture such as pieces with abstract concepts or pieces that cover many subjects and feelings in its content. Most of the time a picture will add to your piece but in some cases you may find it better to leave out a picture. I would suggest simply using personal judgment on deciding what picture to use or if to use one at all. In conclusion, I suggest to ask yourself these questions when deciding on a picture; Does this picture enhance or detract from my piece?; Is it relevant to my piece? You can also ask a friend if the picture seems fitting or not. Grammar and readability: Another equally important part of creating an appealing piece is grammar and readability! Poor grammar will make any great piece seem less than mediocre. Make sure you're using the right form of your and you're; there, their, and they're; than and then; effect and affect. These are just a few common mistakes. I'm no expert at grammar myself but if you can help it to make as little mistakes as possible this will benefit your piece in a great way. A great idea can get skewed by using the form of words and punctuation. Speaking of punctuation, it's very important because it helps the reader know when a sentence or idea stops and begins again. Capitalization and punctuation is going to determine how someone reads your thoughts and sentences. Pieces with no punctuation or capitalization get confusing quickly. Your pieces should flow like a song or dance. Punctuation and capitalization creates power, or gentleness in some cases. Capitalizing a whole word can show importance, boldness, and distinction of a word within the piece. It can determine whether the word is whispered or shouted in the readers mind. Feel free to play around with grammar and punctuation! Just make sure it's understandable and readable!

Invasion of the Town: part 1

There's so many bullets going back and forth between the fighters that it creates a sort of black translucent mist within the battle field. If you were to walk through this mist you would feel the red hot bites of thousands of lead war heads sinking in to your skin. We take the four wheeler up the dirt road and over the hill out of the way of the bullet mist. Just a few more turns and we make back home. Well whats left of home. It looks like the earth just caved in and swallowed half the house. There's nothing left of use here anymore. We need to turn back and see what we can find in town. Driving back down the dirt road I can see something in the sky. Its slow moving. Its grey and huge in mass. It looks like something that should explode. Something like a long range missile. Its getting closer. We need to get off this road! The fighters bullets managed to stray enough to blow out the tires on our four wheeler. We've got to run. Fast. The missile is just about to reach the pavement of the highway. We're not far away enough to avoid the explosion once the missile lands. Here it comes, just to the left. Strike. It cut its way across the pavement. Tearing up rocks and road signs along the highway, but no explosion. What it is then? If its not a long range missile then what is it? Is it defective? No.