Benefits Of American Express Credit Card

American Express also known as AmEx is not only a card network but a card issuer as well. It offers world-class credit cards to its customers in order to provide the most rewarding experience. Amex network cards come under one of the most premium credit cards. American Express has tied partnerships with the most renowned airlines, hotels, and restaurants so that the customers can have a worthwhile experience. We have listed below the 5 benefits of American Express Credit Card that you must know in order to maximze the benefits of your Amex credit card. 1. Amazing rewards and benefits: With the American Express credit cards one thing is guaranteed you get a lifetime experience as you get to earn amazing rewards and benefits with them. You not only enjoy shopping benefits but travel and dining benefits as well. You earn reward points on various spend categories. 2. Membership benefits: This network allows you to earn membership points that level up your experience with the Amex Credit Cards. With the membership points, you can book a hotel or use it as per the given membership rewards portal, there is a wide array of rewards redemption. 3. Premium concierge services: Another benefit that you can enjoy with this network of credit cards is the Premium Concierge services. A dedicated professional will be available to you round the clock that will help you with everything that you need assistance for. 4. Protection and Insurance benefits: You do not have to worry if your credit card is lost, American Express provides you protection against card loss, theft, etc. Apart from this, you get insurance benefits as well for accidental air death, emergency medical insurance abroad, baggage and luggage insurance, lost documents cover, etc.

What Is A Good Credit Score And How You Can Maintain It?

A good credit score reflects that you are an ideal candidate who can bear a credit burden responsibly, it is a numerical representation of a person’s creditworthiness. Any financial institution or bank compulsorily looks into the applicant’s credit score to determine whether to approve the applied credit card request or not. Reaching and maintaining a good credit score is a journey rather than a destination. Let us know more about a good credit score and what are the factors that are responsible for a good credit score: What is a good credit score? A credit score or a CIBIL Score typically ranges from 300 to 900. The closer you get to 900, the higher is your chances of getting your credit card application approved. Generally, a score of 750 or above is considered a good credit score and will open the door for better credit card options. A credit score is calculated by the credit score computing organization after studying the payment history, length of credit history, Credit Mix, Amount owed, etc. How to maintain a good credit score? Below mentioned are the factors that are responsible to maintain a good credit score: