Rain Clouds: pt. two

Part one is here! We're standing outside of the only liquor store that's potentially safe enough to visit at this time of night. It's touching 10 O'clock and neither of us really care to be around this area even when the sun comes out. "Let's get whiskey." I mutter to Jungkook as he scans a small group of young adults passing by. He glances at me, a nod my only token of acknowledgement. I shoot him a smile, silently thanking him for not fighting me on our choice of poison. I know he would rather vodka, and be it a normal night I would as well, but I'm trying to tap into his soul tonight. Whiskey is usually a sure fire way to do that sort of thing. I grab the best looking, not too expensive bottle of whiskey. I hope it's whiskey, we don't shop for it often. Or ever really. I still have flashbacks sometimes from the last time I saw Jungkook drunk off the stuff. It's like he became another person, and it was strange, but everything just kind of... poured out of him. Like somebody turned on a faucet and the words just couldn't come out fast enough. I think that's the night I started understanding him, who he really was. It was Junior year of high school. Jungkook and I had been friends for so long at that point, but I guess I didn't know everything about him even then. He told me things I can only trust that he never told anybody else before. I felt hurt that I hadn't already known all of his secrets, but he was crying so hard I had to let it go immediately. He told me everything. The reasons he was always so distant with everyone besides for me, why he was so cold. He didn't care to have many friends. It was always just me and him. Two amigos. I couldn't believe what he said, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Jungkook forced the words through his lips, I could tell. It was painful for him to talk about things he'd been, until that moment, only keeping to himself. He told me about his father, a selfish man who never cared for him. His mother who was weak and never protected him from his fathers fists. She only wanted him to do well in school. If he brought her a bad report card, she'd be right beside his father, screaming of her intolerance and of her shame he'd put on their family, wailing her arms to strike him as he'd cower down and let her. He never fought back, and I found myself wondering why. But Jungkook was kind, he's always been kind. He may have been closed down to everyone else, unapproachable and awkward. To me though, he's the best person I've ever known. His heart is made of gold.

Rain clouds: pt. one

Hey guys, I'm going to try starting a new story on here. I really hope you guys like it~ When I was younger, I was a nobody. I didn't have much going for me except for a pretty good attendance record and I have to accredit my parents for that. Without their say so, their rules, I would've missed every single day. I never could manage to fit in with the other kids at school. They all seemed to mingle so well, they placed themselves together like puzzle pieces, as if everyone had a designated spot. I was a leftover piece. I didn't belong in the big finished picture. Most of my memories of Elementary are a blur, a horrifying awkward, lonely blur. I really don't remember a lot of my first two years there. I don't recall my teachers names, what I learned that year, I don't even remember if anybody even knew I attended classes. It just kind of flew past me, like it never even happened. Third grade is where all of my memories congregate. That's the year I began feeling like a somebody. His name is Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook, and he sat down right beside me. He didn't ask the teacher if it was okay, he didn't wait to be told where to go. His eyes were big and brown as he scanned the room. They locked onto mine and he lifted his lips into a grin, as if he'd found the golden ticket in a Willy Wonka bar. I remember feeling my cheeks burn under his gaze as he shuffled his way toward me. It's so weird to think about the moment we first met, and that even back then I felt something special when he looked at me. Jungkook was immediately my first crush. If you saw him back then, you wouldn't be surprised. He was so cute and so short. It's hard for me to comprehend sometimes that the adorable little kid I remember turned out to be such a handsome man. It's probably completely inappropriate for me to say that, but he really grew up. I'm not ashamed to admit that my crush on Jungkook lasted for a long time. Okay, it's never truly ended, only gotten worse, but I won't ever act on it. I just grew up a little bit too I guess. I realized that I'd rather just stay friends than to potentially lose him if we dated and it turned out to just be a fling. Not that he probably would ever think of me that way, but in a world where that was a possibility, I'd regret it way too much.