1 liar. Keeps a secret

On a rainy day, ther was. A man who help me on the street and that man was someone i knew from when i was a child. His my boyfriend mark ( GOT7) he steel recognise me until now, bit when we were happy and glad to see eachother again... It feels like deep in my mind he want to tell me something importan but i think he was a bit nervous about it. So i'll ask about later, after the rain stop we were walking together while holding hand happily and alway love eachother. We stop at a coffe shop and sit there while drinking ice choco, then Mark suddenly wanted to tell me something like it was importand " Mark what's wrong? " i asked. " dear i want to tell you something very importan but i think you'll be angry at me if i do" mark answerd. " it's okay mark just tell i won't be angry with you " i reply, "... Okay... So... The thing is that... I lied about that i was allready married to you and my parent. It's just that... I want to be with but i-" mark say it with scared face. " mark.....! Is that all true, you really lied to me and you own parents. How could you do that dear?! " i answerd with low mad voice. , " (y/n) i am so sorry. I didnt want too you(my only girlfriend) or my parents... " mark apoligise with his face down. " Mark dear... It's okay i'm not mad you dear" i answerd. " your... Really not mad. At me? " mark sasys, " ofcourse not, how can i be matd at my one and only love in the whole world. " i reply with smile. " but you have apoligise to ypur parents as well dear, not just only me okay" i added. " (y/n) i really love you than anybody in this world. But i will apoligise to me parents and i will comeback to you okay baby? " he answerd happy tear face. " that the boyfriend i love. I love you mark " i smiled. And after all of that we both back to own house, mark wen't back to LA to apoligise with mom and dad. After 4 days i went to the airport to meet Mark there, and he sae me while bring two ice choco for both of us. " hey baby, did you miss your boyfriend? Mark sasys. " ofcourse i miss you sooooo much.?" we hugged eachother. " how was at LA... Was everything okay with your parents? " i asked. " yeah it's all fine. And they want me to say to you baby. " mark answerd with a bright smile. " what is it Mark? " i reply. " i know it's too soon... But (y/n) will you move in with me and be my wife. (While holding an open box with a ring. ". " mark... I... " my mind went all blank and i was so shocked wen he proposed me. " y/n?". " yes ofcourse i will move in and be your wife Mark. He smiled amd hugged really happy. After 2 weeks we bothe lived together in our new home and had son named yien. In the end Mark and i live very happy together ❤.