Kpop Intro

So...this is *hella* late, but about a month ago, @kpopandkimchi suggested that we do intro cards, since it had been so long since we had. I was going to, then got distracted with kpop things. Better late than never? :D How did you get into Kpop? I used to play a LOT of League of Legends (I haven't played in a month or so...too busy with WoW Legion!). Well, I ended up coming across that atrocity up there. It made me want to listen to the original. So, I looked it up and really enjoyed the song. Shortly after that, it was getting close to the release of a very special Foxy Lady, Ahri. Since she was based off of Korean myth and was made to celebrate the opening of the Korean servers, I decided to listen to a bunch of random kpop to prepare. I don't even remember what I listened to, aside from a random Korean radio station I found online. BUT, what *really* drew me into kpop was Osu. I had downloaded the kpop pack just because. That's where I found my first bias, and I didn't even know it at the time: G-Dragon. Heartbreaker just drew me in so hard. I think it's *still* one of my most played songs on there. :P Who are your biases? (Can you name just ONE ultimate bias?!) 5hinee is my bias group. I like some other bands too, but they're the only one where I love *all* of the members and I will support 100%, no matter what. If any of the other bands have a comeback that interferes with SHINee *coughMonsta Xcough*, then they just have to wait a little for my love. T_T No, I cannot name just ONE UB. T_T I used to be able to. Then I ran into my first bias wrecker and just accepted my fate. In NCTcord, we used My Anime Harem to make kpop harems. My main husband is Taemin. Then my other husband is Taeyong. I did an "honorable mention" for the last two pictures in this section for my two newest biases. JJ Lin had a really big part in getting me to like Lay. I *love* JJ Lin and I watched a duet they did, then a clip of an interview where he was talking about Lay and he just made it so easy to stan him. Not to mention those dimples! :heart_eyes:
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