2 years ago
At the Top of a Mountain
Well it just so happens I am feeling kind of down today.. happens from time to time right? Things just suck sometimes. Nobody likes feeling this way, blah blah blah depressing stuff blah blah.. anywho, laying in bed, I am somehow reminded of something: The view from the top of Mt. Pisgah in Westmore Vermont. I've been up there a few times this past summer. It's approximately 1.9 miles to the summit from the south trailhead, and it's worth every drop of sweat soaking the back of my tee shirt, which is pressed between me and a bag full of snacks and water. Something about being up there.. away from everyone and everything that tries to matter.. maybe its the runner's high.. maybe its the fantastic view of the whole of lake Willoughby and the mountains across the entire horizon in front of me.. maybe I feel like the king of the whole fuckin world up here, as if nothing and no one can ever bring me down again.. I just conquered the earth and I'm staring down at my kingdom... So this is the part where I give advice and stuff: Accomplish something, no matter how big or how small. Achievement is a reward in itself. Its just a great feeling. Let it make you feel good about yourself. Remember how good your accomplishments make you feel, and use that feeling to push forward when forward doesn't want to be pushed. (Don't be cocky about it though.. Nobody likes that shit.)
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